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Venciendo la ley de gravedad.

Size: 80cm x 35cm x 35cm.

Technique: cast in acrylic.

Year: 2017



Venciendo la ley de gravedad.

Institutional video of the Sívori Museum, first mention with the work "Venciendo la ley de gravedad", at the 61st Manuel Belgrano Plastic Arts Salon 2017.


This woman advances, faces and goes through her desires, strong and intense but airy and subtle at the same time, with a tough and imposing personality, but transparent and enigmatic. He has come a long way, leaving his mark with each step he takes, in this ascent so as not to let himself fall. "It is not gravity that crushes us, but we are crushed by our own forces" (F. Mézières).


Beating the law of gravity.

Measurements: 80cm x 35cm x 35cm.

Technique: stainless steel assembly.

Year: 2017


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