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La danza de Anette.

Individual Exhibition Catalog at Fundación Pablo Atchugarry - 2018 .


Cover artwork "La Danza de Annette" - Sculpture assemblage in polychrome acrylic - 2018.

From 2/17 to 04/06/2018 in Manantiales, Uruguay.


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Pablo Atchugarry Foundation.

Book 10 YEARS - 2017 .


"Skating" - Sculpture assemblage in polychrome iron - 2016.

Page 440 and others.

Amore e scelta.

Book Collezione Fondazione Pablo Atchugarry - 2015.

"Let's play in the forest" - Installation - Resin sculptures - 2011.

Page 195.


Janinne Wolfsohn -Text about the work - 2012.


"She can hardly support herself, she lacks tools, a sense of reality, the ability to understand and be understood, love for something and someone. She has the naivety of children."

Catalog of the sample "Gol".

Leonardo Mercado - Curator - Hoy en el Arte Gallery - December 2007.


(...) "This selection, which includes works from the 90's and later years, makes sense by grouping itself into outstanding counterpoints in the varied work of Janinne Wolfsohn.
They present a balance, a balance between stillness and movement. Know when to act and when to immobilize the body completely.
In this way it is possible to understand the difference between an elusive and elusive surface and the perfect roundness of another as a cycle that closes on itself. "(...).

Biennale internazionale dell 'arte contemporanea.

Catalog of the City of Florence - Fourth Edition - 2003.


"The Italian" - Patinated bronze - 165x60x50 cm - 1999.

Page 879.

Argentine Association of Art Critics.

Julio Sánchez - Lic. In Art History - Member of AACA.


(...) "Janinne Wolfsohn is a sculptor who feels the same fascination, but in her production there is no literal copy but a recreation with a contemporary and personal language. What in ancient times was made in marble or bronze, today Wolfsohn made in acrylic. He chooses contemporary materials and has a current look. He respects the canons of harmony but is allowed to leave the script, especially in the textures of the surfaces. " (...) "The artist presents a series with faces and figures from the 20th century, but they stage a mystery of all time" (...).

The forms of beauty.

Albino Dieguez Videla - Critic - Member of the Argentine Association of Art Critics - La Prensa newspaper - 8/9/1998.

(...) "Bronces de Wolfsohn. The Uruguayan sculptress Janinne Wolfsohn (b. 1966) allows the discovery of her well-thought-out work. She does it with a set that is not vast but representative of a serious, meticulous and settled task. remarkable technical handling The human figure is the trigger for his bronzes, acrylics and patinated ceramics in which the forms remain faithful to the reference, modifying it only as a function of a greater intimate approach, to the subject and the matter.

An advisable and shareable discovery, at the San Martín Cultural Center, in Sarmiento and Paraná. "(...)

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